Fumigation And Pest Control Services

ACS pest control services

ACS pest control services is very intensive effective which focuses primarily on the control and eradication of stubborn pests in common areas by using only environmentally friendly products.

The pests include- mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, snakes, rats, scorpions, houseflies, among others.

We specially take cares of home, school, hospital, office, factory etc, you can be rest assured that our professional team will eliminate all pests from your property.

ACS has professional and experience employees who are ever ready to serve you better within a request.

For transportation of goods in ships and aircrafts using containers, fumigation plays a vital role as it is essential to keep away pests and insects before entering into a foreign land. We perform the fumigation at the loading port as well as at the port of discharge to ensure double protection with the highest standards

Cargo is used to store goods like animal feed, grains and non-food agricultural products and transport them from one place to another on the port. Cargoes are highly exposed to the threat of pests and insects. Hence, it is mandatory to perform cargo fumigation before shipping. We perform cargo fumigation in either solid, liquid or gaseous form to protect the goods from pest infestation.

We carry out fumigation of wooden pallets with methyl bromide at the dosage of 48 gms per mtr cube. The wooden pallets are placed in fumigation covers which are sealed and then grounded under the floor. Gas monitoring is performed during the exposure period and thereafter, the fumigation covers are removed.

Seeds or grains are prone to getting infected by pests and insects. Hence, sanitization of seeds is very essential to prevent deterioration or losses by employing necessary pest control. Our unique seeds fumigation is highly reliable and beneficial to eradicate these dangerous pests and insects.

We offer efficient warehouse fumigation solutions to your business to avoid deterioration or damage of stored goods or products. Warehouses are a much sought after place for rodents, pests and insects. They are likely to cause damage to your stored goods in the warehouse, affecting your brand reputation. Our warehouse fumigation is carried out with the application of phosphine which can penetrate beneath the kernels and loosely stored goods and kill the habitats instantly.

To minimize the risk and danger of damage to your empty holds, we perform fumigation services with gaseous pesticides complying with high safety standards and practices. We fill the empty containers with Methyl Bromide to suffocate the existing pests within and exterminate them.

We provide effective tobacco fumigation solutions at warehouses or containers with the use of phosphine to prevent moth or beetle infestation. We incorporate advanced technology for the fumigation of tobacco to control pests, adhering to health and safety standards on the whole.

Our agricultural products fumigation is quite helpful in preventing major deterioration caused by pests and insects. We employ our best technicians to carry out the fumigation to get rid of pest infestation. They perform the operation with due diligence and care with proper calculation of the amount of fumigants to be used.

Flour mills are equipped with machinery for grinding, crushing and cutting of grains and cereals into flour. In such places, the pest-rate generally tends to be on a higher side. Therefore, pest control is a mandate to eradicate pest threat and the damage of the raw materials. Rest assured, our flour mills fumigation are much effective and are implemented with high protection of the raw materials from any sort of damage.

Our pest control services also include timber fumigation with Methyl Bromide. Timber is used to build our houses, furniture or flooring. We apply liquid or gaseous fumigants to deal with beetle and woodworms in timber. The fumigants are deeply penetrated onto all of the timbers to offer a substantial pest treatment.